4 More Years...

4 More Years...

Today, let's discuss President Joe Biden’s speech which focuses ONLY on Roe v. Wade. #Biden #Roe v. Wade. I am Carvers Hadnot, CEO of TWID (That's What I Do), a brand dedicated to providing the best content on our broadcast channel. As content creators, editors, and teachers, we strive to address a variety of issues and topics, including the black community, dating, marriage, news, sports, and more. Our mission is deeply rooted in JOHN 4:22, aiming to empower our black people and contribute to the salvation of the world. By subscribing to our channel, you can access protected content under Fair Use. Additionally, we offer monthly memberships to further engage with our community, providing exclusive products, events, and exciting surprises. Join us today and let your voice be heard by collaborating with us to build vibrant communities and families.


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#Biden #Democrats

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